Seo Site Analysis

Our osCommerce SEO Site Analysis is recommended prior to commencing work involving on page search engine optimization for osCommerce or off page osCommerce search engine optimization. It is a comprehensive analysis of your site which considers factors that determine your osCommerce website’s potential for top 5 rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN for specific keywords.

The osCommerce SEO Analysis is a competive analysis of your website (website pages) compared to 3 of the top 5 competitor sites on Google, Yahoo and MSN. It takes into consideration both on page and off page optimization factors including on page keyword weight and positioning; on page thematics; the utilization of search engine friendly urls; the construction of meta tags; duplicate content; and external linking.

With the information provided in the SEO Analysis, changes can be made to your osCommerce website in order to position your site in the top 5 of Google, Yahoo and MSN for specified keywords or keyword phrases.

Contact us today to get your osCommerce Seo Analysis and discover what you need to do to improve the relevancy, ranking and popularity of your osCommerce website pages for your targeted keywords or keyword phrases and get a jump on your competition.