osCommerce Seo Mistakes To Avoid

Assuming that you’ve chosen to go about optimizing your osCommerce website yourself, there are few seo mistakes that you should avoid when optimizing your osCommerce website.

1. Optimizing For The Wrong Keywords / Keyword Phrases

The biggest mistake that you should avoid when optimizing an osCommerce website is optimizing for the wrong keywords or keyword phrases. This ranks at the top of the list because if your website is not being optimized for the correct keywords or keyword phrases, nothing else matters. You may get traffic if your site isn’t optimized for the proper keywords or keyword phrases, but it won’t be the right kind of traffic and that’s what you should be after.Optimizing your osCommerce website with the proper keywords or keyword phrases is essential in bringing the right kind of traffic to your website. Bringing in targeted traffic that can be converted into customers (if you’re selling) should be the primary objective of your optimization process and it begins with choosing the proper keywords or keyword phrases. If you’re getting lots of visitors but aren’t converting the sale, make sure you’re targeting the right keywords or keyword phrases.

2. Not Optimizing Meta Tags

Meta tags are the tags seen at the very top of the website page when viewing the page source code. Typical meta tags include the title, description, keywords as well as others.Although it’s very common to see osCommerce page titles and meta descriptions (if you look at the source code) that haven’t been optimized with proper (if any at all) keywords, it’s a big mistake not to optimize these tags. The meta title and meta description tags are two of the most important places where you can place your keywords and here’s why.All of the major search engines use both the meta title and meta description tags in their search results. Not only are these tags a factor in search engine positioning, but they are what a search engine user will see when searching for a particular keyword.

3. Flash / Image or Javascript osCommerce Websites

Aside from the fact that there are probably lots of impatient people who will leave a site rather than waiting for a flash or image based site to completely download, these types of sites present obstacles to proper search engine optimization.I’ve seen a lot of beautiful osCommerce sites developed entirely in flash or osCommerce websites made almost entirely of an image with little or no text but I haven’t seen too many of those types of sites ranking high in the search engines for keywords.The reason why is that in order to rank high in the search engines your osCommerce website needs to be optimized for specific keywords or keyword phrases. Additionally, search engine optimization elements such as h1-h6, alt tags and links with title tags can not be read from flash files or javascript.If you’re faced with optimizing a flash or image based osCommerce website or one that uses javascript menus, make sure you provide text alternatives to any keywords or links contained in those files.

4. Ignoring the Importance of Search Engine Friendly Urls

Search engine friendly urls refers to website urls that are displayed as static without any parameters rather than dynamic with parameters. Urls that look like …php?product_id=xx… are dynamic and should be re-written to be displayed as static urls.In a default osCommerce installation products or categories are created with dynamic urls. It’s important for several reasons to install an osCommerce seo module such as Seo G Urls or Ultimate Seo Urls that converts these dynamic urls into static urls.Although search engines like lots of fresh content, they prefer content that is static. For this reason, at the very least, your category and product urls should be displayed as static urls rather than dynamic urls.Secondly, using one of the seo urls modules allows you to include keywords in your osCommerce urls. Some search engines factor this when ranking a website in their search engine’s results.

5. Failing to Install osCommerce Seo Modules

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like for an automotive mechanic to attempt repairing an automobile or a surgeon operating without the proper tools. Performing seo on an osCommerce website can be just as daunting a task as attempting to perform any other task without the proper tools.

There are a number popular osCommerce seo modules available for free and or at a small cost developed for the specific purpose of assisting in optimizing osCommerce websites. Installing these osCommerce seo modules make optimizing your osCommerce less daunting.