osCommerce Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tag optimization is an integral step in osCommerce optimization. It’s debatable whether search engines place as much weight on meta tags as they once did, however there’s little doubt that properly formatted meta tags can do no worse than help in ranking well in search engine results and at best drive targeted traffic to your website.

When a search is conducted and a search engine’s results are returned, the first thing that the searcher sees is the page title and the description. In that instance, the searcher will decide whether or not to click on the link to your website. For this reason, it’s not just important to rank well in the search engines, but it is just as important that the osCommerce meta tags are properly formatted and descriptive of the page’s content.

In order to make optimizing osCommerce meta tags easier, one of the osCommerce seo modules such as Header Tags Seo should be installed into your osCommerce website.

The advantage to using a osCommerce meta tags seo module for optimizing meta tags is that once installed, meta tag information for products and categories can be automatically generated saving loads of time.

Meta Title Tag

A common mistake among website owners is not having unique relevant page titles. This will cause a duplicate meta title indexing issue with Google. By default and assuming that a meta tags seo module hasn’t been installed, the osCommerce pages will display “osCommerce” or whatever is defined in your language file as TITLE. Each of your osCommerce pages should have a unique title based upon the specific page.

When creating your page titles, the meta title should contain the relevant keywords for the page at least once and it should be placed as close to the beginning of the title as reasonably possible. You should create your meta title tag using about sixty characters and avoid using stop words.

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag is the second most important of the meta tags that should be optimized. The meta description tag is what you in the search engine results underneath the page title. Although there’s some debate regarding the importance of meta description optimization, looking at the meta description of the pages in Google’s search results says it plays a factor everything else being equal.

When creating the meta description, it should be as informative as possible. The page’s primary keyword should be used two to three times and placed as close to the front and in a way that makes the most sense. The meta description tag should be about one hundred sixty characters and should not contain stop words.

Meta Keywords Tag

Of the three meta content tags, the meta keywords is the least important. However, some search engines still use the meta keywords tag to some extent.

The keywords used in the meta keywords tag should be specific to the specific page for which the meta keywords tag is being populated. The most important keywords should be placed first followed by the least important.

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