Link Building Strategies To Avoid

Link building is search engine optimization strategy that if done correctly can not only increase the popularity of your osCommerce website but can also deliver targeted traffic to your website. However, of course the key phrase here is “if done correctly.” Not all links are created equally, some links are more equal than others. If link building is a part of your osCommerce seo strategy (as it should be), there are a few strategies you should definitely avoid.

Avoid Backlinks That Use the Nofollow Attribute

It’s a common practice these days to ascribe a “nofollow” attribute to links. These types of attributes are commonly seen in blog post comments and in some cases, in links on directories, forums posts and link exchanges.

The whole point in link exchanges on placing links in directories is to build a website page’s popularity. When a website uses the “nofollow” attribute on links, it prevents the search engines that subscribe to the use of the attribute from following the link back to your web page that the link points to. Therefore, the link becomes somewhat useless in terms of increasing the pages’s search engine popularity.

Links With Useless Anchor Text

Anchor text is the word or words that someone would click on to be redirected to your site. For example, “read more” is a commonly used anchor text phrase. Anchor texts used to direct users to your website page should contain the pages keyword phrase. For example a page whose keywords are “osCommerce seo” should use that phrase to redirect visitors to that particular web page.

Backlinks From Irrelevant Websites

A common mistake made by novices is to believe that thousands of links from any type of website is a good thing so they embark upon their link building campaign wasting time exchanging links with sites that are totally irrelevant to their site.

This part of link building is most challenging because the relevant sites are usually your competition. However in order for your link building campaign to be successful, it’s important to acquire links from sites that are similar to yours.

Pages With Lots of Links

Links are more valuable if they come from a page that is cluttered with lots of other links. This is the reason why link farms and link exchanges should be avoided. The reason is that because the page rank (or the value of the page) will be split among all of the links on the page. It’s better to have page rank split among 20 sites than 200.

Getting Links From Pages Not Indexed By Search Engines

Backlinks from pages that aren’t indexed by the search engines will do you little good. For one, if they aren’t indexed then chances are, no one is going to find them. If no one is finding the pages, you aren’t going to get traffic from the pages nor are you going to get any popularity value from the page.

Before exchanging links or wasting your time adding your link to a directory, forum or any type of website, check Google, Yahoo and Bing to make sure they have crawled and indexed the site and the specific page on which your link will appear.

Link building is an essential element in off page search engine optimization. Doing it correctly can add value to your website pages and bring targeted visitors to your website.