Header Tags Seo

This seo module for osCommerce one of the most essential osCommerce seo modules developed to date.

Header tags or meta tags, are the tags that you would see if you were to view your page’s source code. The most important of these tags controlled by the header tags seo module are the meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Let’s take a look at what makes these modules so useful and important in performing seo for osCommerce.

Why You Need a Header Tags Seo Module

The importance of meta tags seo modules can be broken down into providing the ability to optimizing the meta title, meta description and meta keyword tags; and helping to avoid duplicate meta content issues.

Meta Tag Optimization

A meta tags or header tags seo module will allow you to create unique relevant page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords for each of your categories and products. Additionally, other pages such as your index, shopping cart, specials pages can also have optimized meta tags as well.

So why is this important. Well, because meta titles and meta descriptions are two factors that play a part in the ranking of web pages in the search engines. Normally, pages that rank well have well optimized and unique meta title and meta description tags.

One of the best features about the meta tags seo modules for osCommerce is that after installing, the meta title tag for the products and categories can be automatically created using the name of the product or category while the meta description tag for the products can be automatically taken from the product description.

Our osCommerce Meta Tags Optimization has more detailed information on optimizing osCommerce meta tags.

Avoid Duplicate Meta Content Issues

Installing a meta tags or header tags seo module will not only help in your osCommerce seo efforts by creating unique keyword specific optimized meta content but the seo modules for meta tags will also help to avoid duplicate meta content issues as well.