osCommerce Seo Modules

There are specific seo modules for osCommerce that are essential to proper on page osCommerce SEO and off page osCommerce seo.

Modules for osCommerce meta tag optimization such as Header Tags Seo are by far the most useful and important of the on page osCommerce search engine optimization modules and should be installed on every osCommerce website. The meta tags module allows for creating unique meta title tags, meta description tags and meta keyword tags for each of the osCommerce website pages. Unique meta tags is an essential factor in search engine rankings.

Search engine friendly urls modules like Seo G Urls and Ultimate Seo Urls are also essential on page osCommerce SEO modules. Search engine friendly urls modules convert osCommerce dynamic urls into flat search engine friendly urls that search engines like. Depending upon the module, you can choose the page extension (such as .html, .htm, .asp, etc), whether to use a folder structure and even the separator between words.

Are your products listed in Google’s shopping results? Do you even know what it is? If your answer to either question is no, contact us immediately for assistance with off-page osCommerce optimization. It’s a sad fact that many osCommerce website owners don’t have their products listed in Google’s shopping listings or even know what it is. Not taking advantage of this free service means missed opportunities to get highly targeted traffic which could be costing you sales.

When used properly, SEO modules for osCommerce have been proven to effectively improve the relevancy, popularity and ranking of osCommerce website pages for specific keywords or keyword phrases and help drive targeted traffic to the specific website.

osCommerce SEO modules can be installed as stand alone installations or as part of our Seo for osCommerce solutions.

Contact us today for the installation of osCommerce seo modules for on page optimization or off page optimization of your osCommerce website to improve the relevancy, ranking and popularity of your website’s pages for your targeted keywords or keyword phrases and start driving targeted traffic to your website.