Off Page osCommerce Seo’s off page osCommerce SEO (search engine optimization) for osCommerce focuses on building the popularity of osCommerce website pages through the use of reciprocal and non-reciprocal linking, directory and forum submissions, social media and rss feed submissions. Our off page oscommerce search engine optimization process is designed not only to increase the popularity of your website or website pages but also to drive relevant traffic to your website.

Reciprocal / Non-reciprocal Linking
Most experts agree that the popularity of a web page plays an important part in the positioning of a website page. While this is understood by most website owners, what many fail to understand is that what’s most important in the process of link building is that the quality of the links are more important than the quantity.

What exactly is a quality link? In general, links to your website or website pages should appear in websites or pages that are similar to yours, topics about products or services that you are selling, should always appear with your keyword or keyword phrase, appear on a website or website page that is already indexed by the search engines and should not be restricted from being followed by the search engine spiders.

By contrast, in general, a non-quality link would be links from pages that aren’t indexed or indexable which includes banned websites or website pages; link farms; off topic websites or website pages; websites or website pages that don’t allow the use of keywords or keyword phrases in the linking text or websites or website pages that utilize no-follow tags in links.

Directory / Forum Submissions
We view directory and forum submissions much like we view other forms of off page search engine optimization and when done correctly, it is an effective method to increase the the popularity of a website or website page. Just as importantly, when done correctly, directory and forum submission is a proven way to drive targeted traffic to a website. The method that we employ involves website or website page submissions only to directories and forums that are known to have been indexed by the search engines and only in cases where such submissions would be relevant to a particular category or topic.

RSS Feed Submissions
We routinely use rss feed submission as a means to increase the popularity of a website or website pages. Once the rss feed is generated, it can be submitted to hundreds of websites that will list your products or services increasing the popularity of your website or website pages.

Although we’ve only listed a few of the methods that we routinely utilize there are many other methods used to increase website popularity including blog posting, article submissions and social media marketing.

Contact us today and let our off page osCommerce SEO for osCommerce solutions improve the popularity and ranking of your osCommerce website pages for your targeted keywords or keyword phrases and drive targeted traffic to your website.